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For all of us, Lacoste is a French brand that is familiar to us.

The founder of LACOSTE, René Lacoste, was a famous tennis champion at that time. In 1926, to cope with the high temperature on American Stadium, he began wearing a strange of clothing, which is the combination of T-shirt and shirt. That is a kind of cotton shirts, called polo shirts, because it is similar to the polo clothing.

This new shirt has short sleeves like T-shirts, and also has collar and buttons like ordinary shirt. The back of the shirt is a little longer to tuck in. It was scientific and technological, but also comfortable and elegant. Although the French tennis association thought it was not decent, Lacoste wore it.

Later, the leisure clothing to blossomed everywhere, Lacoste Polo Shirts break free and break the old elegant tools. Starting from the tennis court, it went into the world’s wardrobe, almost become a must-have. In the fashion capital of the world – Paris, Lacoste brand “turned out”, subverting traditional long sleeved shirt in the tennis movement, setting an important precedent for a lapel sport shirt. Since the style has become a classic in the history of clothing.

In fact, the initial Lacoste can be able to become hot, besides the identify of the founder tennis star, the different ideas and style of the brand is also of great importance, which is reflected in the polo shirt that its every buttons are using natural shells, and the brand insisted using the cloth made of long fibers. This is the reason why Lacoste is more durable than other brands. In addition, rich color is the key, the colors of Lacoste polo shirts are up to 65 colors, which is like a palette. So, there is no other brand like Lacoste can make so colorful polo shirts.

Once, Lacoste was sportswear, but now it is suitable in any place and for any time. It could even be in men’s suits, like the actor Adrian Brody so gracefully worn in Lacoste advertisement.

LACOSTE Show New York Spring Summer 2016 by… by FashionChannel

Not long ago, in the Beijing classic visual art gallery and the Shanghai Kerry Center boutique shops, Lacoste held 2017 spring and summer series of media preview. In the event, Lacoste new spring and summer series has shown movement genes, while adding more sexy and printing elements, demonstrating a variety of wear style.

During the preview campaign, the brand display Lacoste x Yazbukey 2017 spring summer cooperation series. Yazbukey brand was founded in March 2000 by the designers Emel Kurhan and Yaz Bukey. In this cooperation series, the Osman imperial Princess designer Yaz bukey combined tennis with iconic lips and eyes, which combined into pieces of geometric patterns in pondering interesting on POLO shirt, T-shirt, shorts and baseball cap, showing another dress taste.

It is said that in the Paris National Art Museum, Lacoste unveiled the creation of “2010 holiday Collectors Series” by Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng. One polo shirt was composed of 317 pieces of blue and white porcelain, and a cotton polo shirt printed blue and white pattern in the form of ceramic crackle. This will be the most expensive shirt in the history of Lacoste brand if begin to sell!

In the course of the development in the past few decades, Lacoste vivid crocodile sign has become a well-known image. The brand continues to break through. In 2011, Lacoste Australia extended a more youthful sub-brand – LACOSTE L!VE, and integrated today’s brand style combined with elegance and leisure. In 2014, after the celebration of the 80 year-old birthday, Lacoste once again released a new brand marketing strategy (New Brand Platform), with the core of Life is a sport, passing the Lacoste exclusive life attitude.

Lacoste has created one piece after another shocking boutique with the material, fabric and color bring forth the new through the old. At the same time, they also inherit the classic and keep in mind of their original intention.